Wafflecrete Concrete Projects

Examples of Waffle-Crete projects range from special applications such as cooling towers, artificial reefs and barrier walls, to low cost housing communities, to multi-story luxury hotels. One of the most important aspects of Waffle Crete is to make disaster-resistant construction more widely available and affordable. Historically many projects have been constructed with unsuitable materials for the local environment simply because more weather and earthquake resistant materials were too costly.

Compared to Traditional Masonry Construction; Waffle Crete offers the following advantages:-

  • It reduces labour and material cost of the building.
  • Slashes the construction period by over 30% of normal project timeline if Blocks and Mortar construction is applied.
  • It Eliminates the need for Skilled labour required in a project.
  • Eliminates use of Scaffolding that would be required for plaster works in a building
  • Panels can be used as floor panels eliminating expensive formwork required for shuttering works
  • It is stronger and Durable, designed to resist Seismic movements and wind pressure in Hurricane Zones

We are committed to regular up gradation of the technology in product design and innovation to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business. This has helped Superfit to develop and sustain satisfied Customer base, growth and success.

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